Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gokusen Episode 1

Where it all begins! Idealistic new teacher Yamaguchi Kumiko has been hired by Shirokin Gakuen as a Math teacher. She and another new teacher, Fujiyama-sensei, are introduced to the other teachers. Much to Kumiko's dismay, she is assigned to class 3-D, which is the toughest class in the school.

Class 3-D is lead by SAWADA Shin, a silent guy who sits in the back of the class. He is very smart, and all his classmates listen to him. His best friend is a large kid named Kuma. Other classmates include the playboy Minami, sensitive Uchiyama, and fashion-conscious Noda. ^^

Class 3-D immediately tries to intimidate the geeky-looking Kumiko by ignoring her, throwing stuff at her, etc. But Kumiko takes it all in stride. After a rough first day of school, Kumiko goes home, and here we can see why Kumiko might just be the perfect teacher for class 3-D. Kumiko lives in a spacious traditional Japanese-style home. It turns out that her family is none other than the Kuroda group, a notoriously dangerous yakuza family. Kumiko's grandfather is its leader, and Kumiko is lined up to be the 4th generation leader after him.

Her unusual upbringing has given Kumiko a toughness that can easily stand such pathetic efforts of harassment that her students try. She is used to much worse. However, in order to remain a teacher at Shirokin Gakuen, Kumiko must conceal her Yakuza background and pretend to be a normal girl. This is not easy, as she has a habit of lapsing into rough Yakuza slang language when she gets excited.

Trouble starts right away when Kuma, a student known for getting into fights, is accused of stealing the bag containing the money for the school's class trips. It's a lot of money. Kuma denies stealing it, and Kumiko stands up to the other teachers in his defense. But Kuma seems to be hiding something, and won't tell Kumiko what it is. Did he really steal the money?



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