Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gokusen Episode 2

The theme of this episode is friendship.

Kumiko's life as a teacher continues. She tries, as usual, to meet the really cute police detective Shinohara, and ends up running to school. At school a surprise awaits her. Posted on the public bulliten board is a picture of Kumiko's head pasted onto a naked female body with large breasts. Kumiko is outraged at first, but then covers her anger with laughter, comparing herself to Fujiwara Norika (a popular model/acress with a good figure). On the poster Kumiko is referred to as "YanKumi". Intrigued about this nickname, her students tell her it's based on her name: YAmaguchi KUMIko. (the m is changed to an n). Yankumi loves her new nickname. It's much better than the one she had as a child....

The vice principal's car (a yellow VW bug) is vandalized, and once again, someone from class 3-D is a suspect. However the vice-principal isn't sure who it is, and the class is not telling. YanKumi admires this bond between her students. Their friendship is so great that they won't sell each other out. However these bonds of friendship are about to be strained. Minami, the class playboy, has a new girlfriend. However Sawada doesn't think Minami should be dating her, and warns him away. They end up fighting over it, but Minami decides to date the girl anyway.

Meanwhile, Yankumi's dreams of romance with Shinohara continue as she attends a 'Gokon' with her fellow female teachers. A 'Gokon' is sort of like a group blind date where one girl will gather some friends (often co-workers), and a guy will gather some friends, and they will all meet for dinner/drinks. The school nurse and Fujiyama-sensei both have their eyes on the handsome Shinohara too, so Yankumi has some serious competition.

Minami soon discovers why he shouldn't have dated the girl he was interested in, and he is forced to meet a group of guys after school to fight. Class 3-D seems willing to leave Minami to his fate, but a rousing speech about friendship helos them realize they shouldn't abandon a friend in need. And of course, a there is no meaning in being a teacher if she can't protect her students, so Yankumi is set to kick some butt too....


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