Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gokusen Episode 3

This episode is based on a story that appeared in the manga and then again later in the anime. The neighborhood surrounding Shirokin Gakuen is being plagued by a purse snatcher. Determined to capture him, wanted osters of the thief have been posted everywhere, and the person depicted on them looks surprisingly like Class 3-D's Uchiyama! Of course Yankumi is certain that Uchi is not the culprit, and in order to save him from being punished (as the school administration is so eager to do) she decides to join her students in trying to capture the real thief. Yankumi offers herself as bait, and even dresses up for the part. Can a bunch of high school students capture a criminal? Can anyone look more stupid in a blond wig than Yankumi? ^_^


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