Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gokusen Episode 5

Yankumi has lost her cellphone, and guess who finds it! Reading the address on the phone, he finds himself at a very scary house full of Yakuza. Could Yankumi really live here? This new development gives Shin great insight into why Yankumi is so unusual. Elsewhere, the rest of the 3-D guys meet some cute girls at a restaurant, and Kuma becomes smitten with one of them. He ends with her handkerchief, and agonizes over how to return it. Meanwhile, the vice principal is all gung-ho about a new patrol he has started, and he has enlisted all the teachers to help him. Yankumi is stuck patrolling the popular night spots for teens (arcades, karaoke, etc) looking for Shirokin students. Things do not go well for Kuma and the girl he likes. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. And that boyfriend is the target of some attacks by some violent members of his own school. When the gang threatens the girl, her boyfriend takes off, leaving Kuma alone to defend her. However Kuma doesn't stand much of a chance against a huge crowd of students bearing steel pipes. Only one person can help him. Yankumi!


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