Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gokusen Episode 8

Thanks to some ghost stories told by Shin, Yankumi feels spooked while walking the empty halls of Shirokin. However the noise that scares her isn't a ghost, it's a young boy, and amazingly enough, he belongs to Nakashima-sensei! No one knew she had a son, and in fact, she doesn't. The young boy is her stepson, Yuta. He is her husband's child from his previous marriage. Unfortunately, Nakashima-sensei's husband passed away, and now Yuta lives with his grandparents. However Yuta loves Nakashima-sensei, and considers her to be his 'mama'. Nakashima-sensei still has to come to terms with the idea that she and Yuta can be a family even though she is not his real mother. Yankumi helps out with a bit of babysitting, Yakuza style!


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