Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gokusen Episode 9

Yankumi is surprised and excited to learn that Shirokin Gakuen will be hosting a volleyball tournament! However, class 3-D will not be actually playing in the tournament. In order to get her class involved, Yankumi wants them to form an "ouendan", or organized cheerleading group. The group would perform very loud cheers and chants accompanied by a drum. Of course class 3-D is not all that thrilled about the Ouendan idea, and it takes a bit of bribery in the form of promises of meeting some female cheerleaders to get her class to start practicing. Meanwhile an old friend of Shin and Uchiyama's is making trouble. His name is Kurosaki, and he is a former Shirokin student who stopped attending school and is currently leading a gang. Kurosaki has a lot of bitter issues about Shirokin's volleyball tournament, and has a personal grudge against one of the Shirokin teachers. He is threatening to ruin the volleyball tournament, and vandalizes the large banner hanging in front of the school. It takes a bit of knocking around from Yankumi to set him straight!


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