Thursday, May 25, 2006

Goong OST

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궁 Goong OST

[audio] 01. Perhaps Love (사랑인가요) - J & HowL*
[audio] 02. Give Me A Little Try - 서현진
[audio] 03. 두 가지 말 - 정재욱 & The One
[audio] 04. 난널사랑해너만사랑해Ⅱ - 심태윤
[audio] 05. 당신은...나는 바보입니다 (Acoustic ver.) - Stay
[audio] 06. Perhaps Love (Remix) - J & HowL
[audio] 07. 1993 광화 49년
[audio] 08. 宮
[audio] 09. 복장 불량!
[audio] 10. 우주 정복 #1
[audio] 11. Crystal Flower
[audio] 12. A Dancing Teddy
[audio] 13. 내가 선택한 길이야!
[audio] 14. 닿지 못한 마음
[audio] 15. 꽃잎이 내린다
[audio] 16. 우주 정복 #2

Romanized Tracklist
01.Perhaps Love (sarang in ga yo) - HowL & J.mp3
02.Give Me A Little Try - Seo Hyun Jin.mp3
03.Du gahji mal - Jung Jae Wook & The One.mp3
04.Nan Nul Saranghae Nuhman Saranghae II - Shim Tae Yoon.mp3
05.Dang Shineun... Naneun Baboibnida. (Acoustic Ver.) - Stay.mp3
06.Perhaps Love (sarang in ga yo) (Remix Ver. Gazaebal) - HowL & J.mp3
07.1993 KwangHwa 49Nyuhn.mp3
09.Bokjang Boolryang!.mp3
10.Woojoo Jungbok #1.mp3
11.Crystal Flower.mp3
12.A Dancing Teddy.mp3
13.Naegah Suntaekhan Giriya!.mp3
14.Dahji Mothan Maeum.mp3
15.Kohtipi Naerinda.mp3
16.Woojoo Jungbok #2.mp3

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Yay! Thanks:)

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Thanx a lot!! Juz what i'd been looking for. Beautiful muzik

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your blog is super duper great!!! i love the songs do you think u can send them to me at THANKS LOTS!!!! names mich btw i tagged in ur tagboard=D

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Anyeonghaseyo! please do me a favor too...please send me the GOONG OST to my email 감사합니다

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Hi there! Is it possible if you can send me the Goong OST to my email? Thanks! - Yun

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yoo.. strange !

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