Thursday, May 25, 2006

I've watched the Da Vinci Code

I've already watched the Da Vinci Code thanks to some pirate and his torrent. Honestly I found it boring.. I was already fast forwarding some scenes.. Maybe because I've already read the book and I knew what was coming, and I can agree with some reviewers out there that every book is better than the movie..

Because of the facts that came out, they changed some scenes in the book to suit the "reality" like the one where Silas kills the poor nun. In the book, he used the huge candle holder (that should take 3 people to lift one). In the movie, he just punched her and she was resting in peace (Silas even prayed for her soul but he should even pray for his more).

I still can't believe Dan Brown was too good to cloud things about the Catholic Church with other facts. (e.g. claiming that the burning of witches was a move of the Church to get rid of females who are a threat to the malehood of the Church.. but I found this info at

Most of the victims were tried and executed by local, community courts, not by the Church)

And one more thing, that book has destroyed Leonardo Da Vinci's name.. Da Vinci was a devout Catholic and had offered his masterpieces to the Church. And then a feminist, best-selling writer comes along and wrote something about him that makes him not Catholic. If only Da Vinci was alive..

The first time I read the book, whenever I go to Church, I feel guilty.. I see Jesus on the big cross behind the priest and I swear I could see Him sad and almost crying and I couldn't look back. But after Holy Week, I've heard lots of sermons from priests in the Church and in TV, I confessed and I felt light. And after I watched the movie, I wasn't affected anymore. I think my faith was even strengthened by it. Thanks to that movie.

The cinema board was right on making this film R18. For in a country with a population that's 80% Catholic, this movie could be a big threat and could shatter the faith of all those whose faith in God arent stable and could easily be shaken.. The management of SM was such a brave one deciding not to show the film. While Robinsons on the other hand, opened 75% of it's cinemas all to "The Da Vinci Code".. They wouldn't even care.. They know its such a controversial and "interesting" film that people would come to them.. SM was really brave.. Risking it's customers to go and watch The Da Vinci Code at Robinsons.. No wonder God has been blessing SM with a good number of customers everytime..

It's ok to watch it for the thrilling effects and storyline.. Just don't let your faith be shattered by it's background.. Dan Brown has claimed that the novel is fiction and that he is not trying to attack the Church. He's making a good face infront of the public.. What about behind the public?

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