Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Name is Kim Sam Soon OST

UPDATED!! Changed the link cause of some problems.. Thanks for reminding ^ ^

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My Name is Kim Sam Soon OST

1. Bonbon O Chocolat I
2. Be My Love - Clazziquai (this song plays when something funny happens)
3. She Is - Clazziquai (this song plays when something dramatic happens)
4. WFS
5. Goodbye
6. Farewell without Farewell (Jisun from Loveholic)
7. Bonbon O Chocolat II
8. Goodbye II
9. Can't Let Go
10. Gravity
11. Inside My Heart - Jung-eun Kim
12. Be My Love (MR)
13. She Is (MR)
14. Bonbon O Chocolat III

All audio files are uploaded! Download

LYRICS from Aheeyah.com

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I'll be updating this post after i upload the other audio files.. stay tuned! momo!

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