Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No "Seeking of Truth" at SM Cinemas

The upcoming movie based on the bestseller novel by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code will be showing some where in May or June. I'm not sure and I wouldn't want to know anyways.

The movie has been rated R18 and one note:
SM, the largest mall chain in the Philippines does not show R18 films. It would be a great boycott if you ask me. And it should be done. The Philippines has about 80 million people and almost 80% of those are Catholics. For a movie full of inaccurate details about history, religion, artifacts and other details targeting the Christian faith, it's just wrong to not do anything to ban this film. The government is doing the right thing atleast. The president is against this film too. And this time, she's right.

If you have read the book, Dan Brown welcomes you with a fact page that says, "all descriptions of documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate."

And the purpose of that page is to make you label the novel as something that is FACT.

Honestly, I also read the book and I thought that that FACT PAGE was really a FACT PAGE but I was wrong. It has been proven that it's a very inaccurate novel. The so called facts in the book angered a lot of historians and religious people alike. I've read and watched some documentaries about it and they researched and decoded the code.

I remember one thing in a documentary I've watched. In the novel, the lead character used Da Vinci's Painting, the Madonna of the Rocks as a shield so the guards won't shoot. But the real Madonna of the Rocks is very huge and it is stuck in the wall so there's no way anybody could lift that painting nor remove it from the wall.

And there's this other one, it says in the novel that Silas, the albino monk/killer lifted one of the huge candle holders in the Church of Saint-Sulpice to kill the nun who has witnessed what he was doing there. But in real life, those candle holders are way too heavy and huge that it will three persons to lift one candle holder.

As for me, the only reason why I want to watch the movie is because I want to see how they chose the actors for the characters cause I can't imagine how they really look. And just that. But there are more reasons for me not to watch it.

I suggest you read more of the documentaries and videos about the FALSE TRUTH in the novel. A priest said that people who don't have a solid foundation of faith should always be guided by those who have a matured faith. And you should know if you have a matured faith.

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there is nothing wrong w/ watching the Da Vinci code because it all depends on ur faith...

and yes, the movie has inaccurate details because the story is fiction...the writer merely inserted facts to make the story interesting..i guess

nice blog

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