Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Our Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world! ^ ^ well, have you greeted your mom? have you said that she's the best mom in the world? honestly and personally, i haven't.. it's not that i don't want to.. i just don't usually do those things.. i'm not an expressive kind of person.. but I really mean it when i say that "My Mom is the best and I love her" in my world.. it could be different in your world.. your mom could be the best in your world..

I keep receiving those text messages about Mothers.. and they're in all sorts of style and layout.. And you as a receiver of the message should pass it on to show your love to your mom.. again, i don't do this.. now don't think i don't care about my mom.. It's just not my style.. Why express your love to your mom through passing those messages when you could save the money on sending those messages to buy a rose for your mom? Your mom wouldn't benefit from you passing those text messages.. But she would definitely be touched if you do something that would make her happy.. (e.g. Cancelling your barkada trip and treat your mom to her favorite restaurant instead)

You don't even have to go through the hassle of spending.. my sister made my mom a card.. and that sure made her happy.. she was so touched that she said "Hay puwede na akong mamatay ngayon!" (I could die now).. but thats an expression of showing that she is filled.. filled with happiness..

Umm.. I didn't do that card and I didn't even know my sister made one.. I repeat I'm not an expressive person.. my mom thought i was manhid or numb.. but she just doesn't know that she's the best person in the world for me.. and my dad.. hehe ^ ^

Treat your mom.. ^ ^

Happy Mother's Day!


Here's a link if you want to be bothered http://www.holidays.net/mother/

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