Tuesday, May 16, 2006

SM Clark Opened May 12

It's the grand opening of SM Clark last May 12 and it was a bit dusty cause its newly opened and the construction memoirs are still present there.. Got to hear the voice of the Slapshock vocalist there and it was really loud and heavy.. They performed their newest hit from the album Silence, "Direction".. Orange and Lemons were there and they're a more favorite band than Slapshock.. The PBB effect maybe..

It wasn't really that crowded.. But I liked it maybe because of the fact that its clean and new.. The cinemas smelled like a brand new Ford Expedition.. Well, there will be a lot of celebrities and bands coming there and they're scheduled.. Example would be Starstruck 3's Marky Cielo and Jackie Rice, Yasmien Kurdi, Cueshe, Hale, Rocksteddy, etc..

SM Clark is big once you see it for the fact that its an open area.. There's more open space than the stores itself.. There's only two floors but I you can consider it big.. The second floor is small in terms of hectares.. You should imagine that if you were in the second floor, it's like a huge balcony and you can see all happenings.. well almost.. in the ground floor.. so the second floor is more of a balcony type rather than a full floor.. well if you get what i mean.. it's hard to explain..

Sy should be really wealthy by now.. (NOTE: Henry Sy is the first generation owner of the SM Malls).. but I'll still be waiting for SM Mall of Asia which I heard is the biggest mall in Asia..

Stay updated I'll be posting pics and the schedules of the celebrity guestings in SM Clark in post #2..

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