Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Subliminal Meaning in "Narda"?

I just got this little news from my cousin who heard from her classmate that there's this small "glitch" in the song Narda by Kamikazee..

If you would hear the lyrics, "Sa likod ng mga tala, kahit sulyap lang Darna!"

At first glance, what? there's nothing wrong, the singer just wants to see darna behind the stars. I didn't know it at first until my cousin described to me the costume of Darna..


And take a look at where the stars are.. the more visible stars and not the one at the background..

And I'll just repeat the lyrics again.. "Sa likod ng mga tala, kahit sulyap lng Darna!"

I'll translate it in English if you don't mind.. "Behind the stars, even just a glance, Darna!"

It's up to you to think.. harhar!

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