Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dae Han Min Guk!

I was recently digging photos in flickr. I typed the word Korean in the search box and I couldn't resist the striking color of a Korean crowd: red.

The 2006 FIFA World Cup will be held in Germany and Korea is in. I felt so envious of the Koreans. They're very supportive. Koreans all over the world were united because the World Cup. In different parts of the world, they held gatherings, wore red shirts and shouted 대한민국 (Dae Han Min Guk) which means Republic of Korea.

And you can't say that only football fanatics came to cheer for their team. Almost every normal Korean citizen participated in the great cheerings. From moms, to dads, to students and even little kids! There were even foreigners and Filipinos! I even see pictures of little kids at school wearing red. They were so organized that you could see a big red spot on earth if you were on an airplane. Or sometimes, they even make a god-size human slogan. The famous KPop group, DBSK / TVXQ or Dong Ban Shin Ki has an album with soccer themed tracks for the Korean team. I was so amazed. The kind of nationality that Korea is showing is so intense. And so I wished I was part of them.

We all know that Korea is not a world favorite. But for me, the kind of support they are giving feels as if they make the Korean team closer and closer to winning. And most of all, Korea is Asian.

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