Sunday, June 18, 2006

Korean Dramas vs Traditional Pinoy Telenovelas

There are many reasons why I loved Korean dramas a lot more than the local dramas. Not just because its not local.

1. Kdramas have no "no-mercy" antagonists
Traditional Philippine telenovals usually have a no-mercy antagonist who kills his/her enemies and/or uses hired people to do so and accompanies the act with an evil laugh. Which makes you really hate the antagonist and really show pity on the victim. Correct?

2. Most Kdramas have no lust
Most Korean dramas have no excessive kissing scenes and no malicious scenes too, unlike most Philippine telenovelas.

3. Most Kdramas' episodes are planned and set
Most Korean dramas have a total of 16 episodes, 1 hour each. They don't add more off-script scenes to satisfy the viewers' cravings. All are planned and set. Which makes the dramas straight to the point and not boring. Philippine television networks cut the Kdrama episodes into smaller bits to suit the traditional 30 minute per show and also adds commercials in between which makes one 1hr episode cut into about 3-4 days. And that's also the reason why airing time here in the Philippines takes longer. And compare Philippine shows like Encantadia with My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Encantadia took about a year to finish airing while Kim Sam Soon only took months.

4. Most Kdramas focus on comedy and romance at the same time targetting the youth.
Traditional Philippine dramas have violence and some adult scenes. And mostly the drama is sad. Which makes it really a drama. Korean dramas are more of a comedy/romance flick (ie, Kim Sam Soon, Full House, etc)

> Exceptions and Changes
Philippine television now airs Telefantasyas and gone are the traditional Pinoy dramas as stated above. Usually, the traditional Pinoy dramas are aired in the afternoon, targetting house wives and maids while the younger people are at school or at work. Telefantasyas (Encantadia, Majika, Capt. Barbell, etc) are aired in the evening to target the younger viewers.

There is also a new show called "I Love New York" (starring Mark Herras, Jennylyn Mercado, Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal) and is aired every weeknights on GMA7. I Love New York defies the boundaries of traditional Pinoy dramas and now tries to adopt the Korean drama plot. Comedy and Romance are embedded in the drama and targets the teenagers. No violence, no explicit scenes.
Tell me, am I right??

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