Saturday, July 22, 2006

Note to the referee

Just my daily routines on soompi and I found this.. Yea the world cup was long ago but I really can't help spreading this note to the referee by player Kim Young Gwang


you made a player who thinks the 16th round is more important than his wedding anniversary or joining the century club cry.

you made the elder players who wanted to give the gift of achievement -- just like four years ago-- to the younger players cry.

you made a player who got seriously injured but played his best for the team cry.

you made a player who was planning on proposing decently to his girlfriend if the team got to the 16th round cry.

you made the young players who ran their hardest even though whistles blew often and was the first time playing in the world cup cry.

you made a player who delayed his surgery just for the world cup cry.

you made a player who wanted to show that it was not luck that they went to the 4th round in the last world cup game and ran his hardest in order to show it cry.

you made a player who was angry at the game but did not show it but held his fist tightly cry.

you made the players who ran hard even though the whistles were unfair cry.

you made a player who could not be in the world cup because of a injury but wished for 16th place more than anything cry.

your unfair calls made millions of fans cry.

whether it was because of the FIFA president
or the swiss fans
or because you thought you were right,

i dont know what you were thinking while you were refereeing this game but,

theres a quote,
"if you make one cry, there will be a time when you will cry harder"
you, who made others cry...
you, who made 5,000,000 people cry...
there will be a day when you will cry harder

you made a mistake...a big mistake"

-written by player kim young gwang. translated by ikrnxinhyungi

(it was lee woon jae's wedding anniversary)

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